Dayton Baton

What is life in Dayton like for you?

@daytonbaton is an Instagram account that is passed off to a new person or organization in Dayton every day. You run the Baton account for 24 hours to share what life in Dayton is like - from your perspective.

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Jordan Hockett | Founder

TEDxDayton event. The concept was to showcase the positivity of Dayton – the people, community, events, and small businesses that make Dayton so unique.

You always hear people saying, ‘It’s boring, there’s nothing to do’ – but there’s plenty to do here. Everybody has a phone in their hand, so I figured why not bring what’s happening to them right where they and they’re heading. With almost everyone that has ran the Baton, I’ve learned something new about Dayton, and I’ve been here all my life.”

Who's Running the Baton

How to Run the Baton


Sign up for your day

Read the terms, pick your day, and mark your calendar so you remember to run


Log into Dayton Baton

We’ll send you a unique password and a time to log in.  From there…


Run around Dayton

The Baton will be in your hands for 24 hours as you showcase Dayton through your eyes