Baton Terms of Service

Terms of Use

When you register as a Dayton Baton runner, you agree to uphold the following guidelines:

Be the awesome person you are. Thanks for signing up as a runner for Dayton Baton! We know you’ll want to share this news, so please post on your personal Instagram account, and Twitter, to let your followers know of this special honor.

Get smart with your phone. Post photos that YOU take with your phone (not camera or other device) on THE DAY you are carrying the baton. We want to see life and Dayton through your eyes on that very day. Geotag/Add to Map if at all possible.

FREQUENCY. Post 5 to 7 photos (10 max if you start early) that show your day in Dayton. If you choose, some of your posts can be a video. Please no logos added to photos or screenshots of any kind, and no text over photos. If you have a lot to show, please make a collage of photos to keep the number of posts low (try the free Pic Stitch app).

Wright Bro. Definitely write a caption…knock yourself out and hashtag as you wish.

Earn extra credit. At the end of your caption, please include “Photo by @[yourusername]”

Keep it Classy…Remember, this is all about showcasing Dayton, its people, community, and its positivity. Exercise courtesy and respect. Please refrain from using profanity and posting photos that include nudity…Not Trashy!

Follow along. While we encourage you to follow Dayton Baton and any of our runners from your account, please do not follow or unfollow anyone from the Dayton Baton account.

Leave it to us. We appreciate your participation in Dayton Baton. We’ve got all the settings just how we want them, and while you have the login to post as a runner, we trust you won’t make any changes.

Resist the urge. Please refrain from using Dayton Baton to blatantly promote brands or particular causes, UNLESS you are running on behalf of a local business, non-profit or event. In other words, it is okay to mention them, but Dayton is the main attraction here.

Relax. Yes, we are sharing your posts across social media networks, so that we can showcase Dayton to people who are looking for us on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, in addition to Instagram.

Do you agree to these terms of use?