It's All About Dayton

@daytongram centers its focus on Dayton and Dayton only. From history to events, DaytonGram is there telling the story and showing you Dayton the way it's meant to be seen.

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photo by Maleah Roudeski

Tom Gilliam | The Founder

I have a friend named Dave Schmidt that does CincyGram on Instagram, and I’d been following him for months. I saw what he was doing with the city, and I thought it was interesting.


I hadn’t really seen a lot of people actually focusing on one particular subject, meaning even a city, and I saw his page. I saw a bunch of pages with bands and celebrities and things like that, but I didn’t really see anything – especially this close to home – that was being showcased like this. So I just woke up one day, in July of last year, saw that the account, DaytonGram, was available and just created it and started running away with it, taking photos.